How Hire a Contractor for Less Without Sacrificing Quality

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contractor paintSome people have the skills and knowledge to complete any job around their home – no matter how big or small. Are you one of these people? If not, you may find yourself in need of professional help from time to time.

Hiring a contractor is not as simple as it sounds. You may think that this is as easy as calling around, setting up a few appointments for quotes, and making a final decision. While these steps are all part of the process, you need to dig deeper to ensure that you are on the right track.

Top 5 Craigslist Scams to Avoid

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If you are looking to buy an item online, Craigslist is a great place to start your search. You can find a wide variety of items for sale at discounted prices, such as tools, small electronics, furniture, and large appliances. You can also find apartments for rent and automobiles for sale – maybe even a job!

However, the site is frequented by predators, folks who have developed rather ingenious scams to take your money. Unlike eBay and Amazon, you do not have the option to review seller feedback ratings. As it says on the home page of Craigslist: buyer beware.

8 Companies Facing Bankruptcy in 2011

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Every year since 2009, we publish a list of big companies and trouble and predict who will go bankrupt during the year. 5 of the  8 companies in the 2009 article have gone bankrupt along with 5 of the 10 from our 2010 article. In the past two years, the economy was devastated and consumer spending had dropped drastically. However, a rejuvenated market has been emerging in 2011, with the broad economic indicators mostly positive. Market analysts, however, report that the American consumer will never be the same again – a new sense of financial competence and saving have been instilled into many.

The Ultimate Personal Finance Blog Rankings from MoneyCrashers!

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Do you have a blog about personal finance blog and want to know how your competing?, a very popular personal finance blog, has launched the ultimate tool for ranking your blog and comparing it to others in your particular niche. The top personal finance blogs can be found here. As a blogger, you probably have a ton of ways to notch the competitiveness of your site, so what makes this tool the best?

Investing in Health Care: 3 Innovative New Drugs to Watch

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According to analysts, about 1 in 13 successful drugs is a “blockbuster.” Blockbuster drugs net over a billion in revenue and keep pharmaceutical companies profitable. Many new drugs can fail, get out-competed by other drugs, or never hit full stride, costing companies hundreds of millions of dollars lost to research, marketing, and approval.

Recently, I came across a few up and coming drugs and wanted to shed some light on whether investing in their respective manufacturing companies is a good idea or not.

1) Novartis- Malarial Drug – “spiroindolones”

Mergers & Acquisitions: The Next Accurate Economic Predictor?

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So, what’s the big deal about M & A’s anyway?

Mergers & Acquisitions have traditionally been linked to investor confidence in the market, directly leading to more money going into the stock market. M & A activity has been very low since the recession began as CEOs are unwilling to take big risks, instead holding on to cash assets.

So, let’s take a look at some previous cycles of M & A Activity and how they corresponded to the stock market:

5 Great Money Making Investments for Everyone

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In this volatile economy, is there such a thing as a good investment?

Every morning, I read the Wall Street Journal for a glimmer of hope for the US economy. On some days, today being one of them, the paper is filled with good news followed by a positive forecast and a upbeat market. Just when I think we have what it takes to get out of this economic stagnation, my hopes are dashed with one bad news after another. For myself and others following finance, this has been the common theme for the entire past year. We all face the same question: When will there be any certainty in forecasts?

4 Great Ways to Save Money on a Date (Without Looking Cheap)

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A list you can actually follow

Sociologists have proven time and time again that when the economy is in a recession, the number of marriages goes up. What might seem like an anomaly can be easily explained by the fact that repetitive dates with one person cost less than one date with numerous people. This list is aimed at couples (aspiring and well-entrenched) that want to keep the passion strong without leaving a hole in the wallet. Saving money should be everyone’s lifestyle, but you don’t want to overdo it to the extend that it might cause your partner to doubt your long term chances and labeling you as a “cheapo.”

SmarterSpend Wins Award for Being a TOP Business Blog in Living Smart Category

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Dear readers,

After a long absence I am glad to say that I have finally returned to blogging and Smarter Spend. The finally touches of my move to Arizona were finally completed and I will be posting regularly.

I have read some quality articles from around the blogosphere and my favorite financial bloggers to get back on track on what’s going on in cyberspace, the financial world, and more. I also got a new subscription to the Wall Street Journal so I can find some exciting content to write about.

Taking a Short Break from SmarterSpend while I move!

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Dear readers,

First of all…. Happy Memorial Day! I have been receiving a few e-mails a day asking me if I had disappeared and if my site had gone inactive. The answer is no. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am moving (from CA to AZ) and have been up to my neck in work, remodeling, and getting everything together. Buying, fixing, and furnishing a new house took a lot of effort. The new house doesn’t even have Internet yet 🙁

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