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A lot of people don’t know that there are many electricity bill aid programs available for low income residents in their respective states.  For example, the state of California offers Low-Income Energy Efficiency (LIEE)
This service includes attic insulation, energy efficient furnaces, energy efficient refrigerators, weatherstripping, caulking, water heater blankets, low-flow shower heads, as well as door and building envelope repairs which reduce air infiltration. These services can help customers in California save on electric and heating bills. Remember, a few dollars of savings can add up big over the long run!

There are several different methods one can save energy on their home electricity usage, which will also directly reduces the money you spend on your electricity bills. Here are some things you might do:

1. A lot of energy is spent washing your clothes! If your washing machine has a slower or economy setting, then use that instead of the regular normal setting.

2. Moving your refrigerator a few inches from the wall greatly reduces heat taken in from wall insulation and can dramatically increase its efficiency, saving you a bunch money! Remember, they run 24 hours a day!

3. Something many people might find surprising is the fact the when turning their electronics to standby mode, it still uses about 65% compared to when it is off. Turn off your electronics when leaving the house.

4. Turn off the lights when leaving a room!

5. Turn off your computer and monitor instead of leaving it on standby. Although most computers today run very efficiently, requiring less energy than a light bulb, the costs add up!

6. Choose to pay by direct debit instead of by paying by cheque or cash at the bank.

7. You may be able to save up to 25% off your electricity bill by switching to another cheaper electricity provider. This is quite straight forward to do and will most likely be the biggest electricity cash saving move you can make. If you have already done this move once before in the past, then you may still be able to save a further 10% to 15% by shopping around again.

8. It is not always the case that having your electricity and gas provided by one supplier is the cheapest way to go. If you look at other suppliers you may find it will work out cheaper to have electricity from one supplier and your gas supply from another.

9. Get involved in government programs! There is free money available!

10. Check your local newspaper for free energy efficient giveaways! Sometimes, brand new and great looking household items are given away by the city, state, or federal government.

11. Use an energy efficient light bulb. Although a bit more expensive at first, the change in your bill will be resounding!

These are all simple steps you might take to put more money in your pocket. However, remember, being aware of your energy utilization is probably the single most important step!

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