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Save Money Eating Out with these Tips and check out the included free coupon!

Everyone has days when they come back from work and don’t have the time or energy to cook. Some people go to restaurants with their friends or on a date on a regular basis. These simple tips might help you save a bunch of money the next time you dine out!

Cut Out on Expensive Drinks

Soda is one of the highest marked up items on any menu and can cost upwards to $3.00. Most restaurants will make quite a killing selling these drinks. Maybe you want a simple smoothie? There goes another 7 dollars. When you consider that for a party of five that could probably be another 20 to 30 bucks extra on your tab. Water is almost always a smart choice. Not only do you feel less bloated afterwards, you save a bunch of money.

Say NO to Desserts

Many deserts cost almost as much as the main course and very few people ever finish them. Chances are after a good eating session, you won’t even have any more room for dessert. Unless its your first time out with a girl and you want to leave a good impression, cut back on the dessert. You can usually buy a whole pie or cake at the grocery store for less than the cost of a few slices at a restaurant.

Sharing is Car..Saving.

Sharing large entrées, large appetizers, or salads is a great way to save money on a meal. Many restaurants offer large portion that end up going to waste. This is a great idea if you have small kids. Rather than buying a kid’s meal you can just ask for an additional plate. Be aware some restaurants frown on this practice and will charge for an additional plate.

Take Advantage of Kids Night

If you will be eating out with kids look for a restaurant that offers free kids meals or special offers for children. Sizzlers, for example, has a child dish for under $6.00 Some companies have one night a week that they designate as kids day and all kids under 12 eat free. You can also look for restaurants that have special kid’s menus. These menus will often have many of the same items on the adult menu, just at a scaled down size. Kids don’t each much anyways.

Limited Time Specials

Some restaurants will offer limited time deals like buy one get one free, or two meals for a set price. You should also check for the special of the day.  In most establishments, one meal is offered at a discounted rate each day. You
might even find some restaurants offer a free appetizer or dessert with your meal. These specials can be a great way to stretch your dollar a little further.

Download or Buy Coupons

There are two types of coupons to be considered when you are considering going out for dinner. You can download regular coupons online for special savings or free items with you meal. However, you can also buy coupons or gift cards for many places online. Check your local radio or television site. With these deals, you can purchase a certificate or coupon to spend twice as much as you pay. For example, if you buy the coupon for 25 dollars you get to spend it for 50 dollars.

I have placed a coupons to KFC. Check them out! Change the 5 digit zip code at the end with yours!

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