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Shopping at the right places online is one of the best ways to save money

Shopping online can help you save a lot of money and time and open the door to tons of sales!

People use online shopping to save money on products in a number of ways:
1. It saves money in two ways: Gas and wasteful shopping you might do if you go to a store.
2. It saves time which can be put towards more other activities (such as making money).
3. The price is usually lower online since there is no cost associated with stocking and displaying products.  There is also no tax, unless the company is located in your state.

There is also another way of saving money shopping online that is not used very commonly – incentive purchasing. In this system, you purchase items of specific brands and companies from specific locations online at huge rebates. These companies pay an advertising fee to the rebate agency, and the rebate agency passes on some of the savings to the user who purchases through them.

How To Find Rebate Agencies:

There are three kinds of rebates available:

  • Instant rebates – these are made available in form of coupons that can either be printed off or applied online for instant deductions on present and/or future purchases. The most common of these are the discount coupons from various fast food and pizza outlets such as Domino’s and KFC. The user accesses the company’s website, where various coupons are available for download and application towards various products.
  • Bulk purchase discounts – Purchasing more than a specific amount or volume of items allows you to get an overall discount on the full order. The most common example of this are the bulk discount chain stores like Sam’s Club and Costco. The obvious downside is that one needs to purchase quite a bit for substantial savings. However, given that these stores also stock up on every-day items such as food and other grocery items, it isn’t very hard to get a few hundred dollars worth of stuff in a single trip. Some sites also have wholesale purchase discounts.
  • Rebates through a specific service – This can often be the most profitable of the three options depending on what service agency you find. To take the full benefit of this, it is recommended that one research on the Internet for specific brand name linked services rather than generic rebate and discounts. In many cases, the rebates are cash rewards while in other instances they are discounts, or even physical goods. All in all, saving money while shopping online can be a great way to cushion your budget and have some fun doing discount hunting!

However, in my opinion, the most money saved online is from the service sector. Since there is little cost for upkeep or promotion, buying services such as life insurance or home improvement is much cheaper. In addition, you have the ability to compare numerous providers in a time efficient manner.

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