Seven Most Powerful Corporations of the Future

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The year is 2019, the global recession has ended and the market has witnessed a great shift in consumer spending, buyer habits, and marketing.  Older businesses that did not adapt to this change were swept away in a wave of bankruptcies and buyouts. The larger of the top companies in the world will have revenues somewhere near the trillion dollar mark per year, more than the GDPs for most countries.

Who will lead the business renaissance of the next decade?

The current (2008) annual revenue for the business is shown and businesses are ranked in predicted 2019 revenue. Some of you might be surprised at the shape of the market in just a few years time.

I. Toyota Motor Corp.
2008 revenue : $264.8 billion (Ranked 5th)
2019 revenue estimate: $1.07 trillion


The fall of General Motors and Ford, the other large automakers in the world, will leave Toyota the lone giant in the automobile industry. From 1998- 2008, Toyota’s revenue grew more than 300% and TMC  surpassed GM as the largest automaker in the world. With a less competitive market, Toyota’s brilliance will lead them to assume the title of the most powerful corporation in the world. Their annual production will double in the same years as demand for growing populations in developing countries increases.

II. Saudi Aramco
2008 revenue : $199 billion (Ranked 8th)
2019 revenue estimate: $975 billion

Prior to the recession, with gas prices swelling to the near $150 range, Saudi Aramco had plans to double its oil production in a matter of 5 years. Investors know that ultimately oil prices will reach almost double its previous highs and Saudi Arabia will be the leading petroleum producing nation in the world.

III. Walmart Corporation
2008 revenue : $374.5 billion (Ranked 2nd)
2019 revenue estimate: $912 billion

The second largest company in the world as of 2009, Walmart was one of two stocks in the Dow Jones to post an increase in share value in 2008 (13% return, the other being a 0.50 percent return for McDonald’s) . Due to the financial crisis, many of Walmart’s competitors will go out of business, leaving Walmart unchallenged in its continued rise in dominance.

IV. ExxonMobile
2008 revenue : $477 billion (Ranked 1st)
2019 revenue estimate: $890 billion


ExxonMobile has been posting record revenues and profits even through the economic turmoil. It has a great leadership umbrella, enough oil to last almost 20 years with current projections, and an interest in incresing its power through offshore drilling, land purchases, and research. It loses its top rankings because it only holds 1% of the world’s oil and gas reserves and needs to increase holdings to keep up with the other giants.

V. AT &T Corporation
2008 revenue : $119 billion (Ranked 28th)
2019 revenue estimate: $810 billion

Don’t be fooled by the 28th rank in revenue. At & T posted bigger profits than most companies ahead of them. Also, coming in at 5th in total market capitalization, it is a significantly large company and growing rapidly due to increased demand for internet and telecom services. As the Internet evolves and becomes a major part of everyone’s lifestyle, At & T will become a dominant force in the economy.

VI. General Electric
2008 revenue : $169.7 billion (Ranked 14th)
2019 revenue estimate: $775 billion

Although it has been having trouble with its share value in the recent weeks as investments are hesitant about investment in the stock market, in general, GE has been around since the Dow Jones was created and will continue to prosper in the future with numerous investments in alternative energy, medical software, and more. It’s market capitalization (third) will allow for big investments and great rewards.

VII. Samsung Group
2008 revenue : $174.2 billion (Ranked 12th)
2019 revenue estimate: $740 billion

The world’s largest conglomerate posted a $13 billion profit in 2008 after heavy marketing and recently surpassed Sony as the largest electronics company in the world. With electronics becoming a bigger part of everyone’s lifestyle and Asian countries growing in power, Samsung is poised to become a top ten company within a short time span.

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