Save Money at Home: Part 4 – Save Money on Clothes

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This is the fourth installment in our “Save Money at Home” series. Refer back to the other posts for more ways to save money at home.

This series consists of the 4 posts below:

Part I- Save Money on Electronic Bills
Part II – Save Money on General Utilities
Part III- Save Money on Groceries
Part IV- Save Money on Clothes

Save Money on Clothes

I have made a habit of beginning these articles with the amount the average household spends on the topic being discussed and this article will be no exception. The average family of four spends $187 a month on clothing – a significant investment for items that could last many years.

Looking good does not mean you have to leave a hole in your wallet. There are many things you can do to dress like a million, but for only a fraction of what you spend. Follow me on these guaranteed to work (and already experimented) tips to save you money.

1) Try surplus outlets for amazing prices, especially during holidays.

You won’t believe the kind of discounts you can find at outlets, for example… Kenneth Cole outlet or Nordstrom Rack. Last week, I stopped by the Tangier outlets on my way back from Vegas (many of you might be familiar with this one – its always full of people).

I’m into dress shoes, so I decided to stop by Aldo to buy myself a new pair. I know that a decent set at regular Aldo can cost around $85 to $110. I got a very slick black pair for only $38.99. A savings of $50 for one pair of shoes is almostĀ unimaginable, especially when its not on sale.

Outlets are great because they have all your favorite brands side by side. I recommend them for sunglasses, purses, and designer watches the most.

2) Buy versatile clothing that can be worn in more than one place.

A website I read cleverly said, “People wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time.” I couldn’t agree with this more. Why not buy clothing that can be worn at work and while your out? Men- some of the nicest dress shirts you can buy are perfect for this. Women- black shirts and sweaters are great for you because they can be formal and also casual.

3) Buy in the off season.

Buying in the off season for any kind of clothing is a great way to save money. Buy your winter clothes in the summer and your summer clothes in the winter. This will save you a lot of money because most clearances in department stores are because of seasonal issues. Last year, I bought a leather jacket valued at $350 for only $75. This winter, I bought 5 short sleeve shirts from Macy’s for only $60. The possibilities are endless- explore them.

4) Shop at Ross.

I don’t want to seem like I have a hidden agenda because I don’t. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you how much I love shopping at Ross because they have great products for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes the quality of the product is lower, but its not like your buying packed meat, you can always check for flaws. You can find great casual shoes with brand names for only $20!

5) Shop Online.

Stores love putting their older stuff online because their selling space is limited. Go to any department store site and click through straight to the Sale and Clearance section. You will be positively surprised at what you find. It’s also faster because the price is right under the product image- so you can just browse for prices that fit your budget.

Many bloggers write about more radical methods of saving money – such as visiting charity stores, buying used, and wearing clothes double sided. I am more conservative in my approach and I feel like you don’t have to sacrifice yourself to look good.

I highly recommend reading one of my older articles – 15 Secrets to Department Store Shopping for more tips.

I want to know what you do to find great clothes for cheap- any particular stores or websites you visit? How do you feel about buying from garage sales or charities?

Where are some places you like to shop?

2 Comments to “Save Money at Home: Part 4 – Save Money on Clothes”

  • Ross, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, Bealls, all of those places have the same stuff you can get in any mall for 100 times less (not exactly but it feels like it is). Nice tips

  • I agree… all of those discount stores are amazing places to shop. Malls are a waste of money and time (in that order).

    By the way Alex, great website. I feel like you created a very unique niche for your blog.

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