5 New “Must Read” Articles on Career Management

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Economists have been predicting a ‘jobless’ recovery from the recession. In layman’s terms this means that there will slow progress where the economic conditions will improve based on GDP, but unemployment rates will barely changed. This means that people need to be aware of their job climate, where jobs are in demand, and what to do to improve their career prospects.

I’ve been reading some great career related advice from fellow personal finance bloggers and want to share some of these great reads with you. These articles were just written and contain a plethora of information.

1) Over the Hill at 40 – Financial Samurai

Excerpt: “Everything generally makes sense except for one rule that I once read: “One shall not discriminate against someone over 40.”

2) Career Advice from Conan O’Brien – Couple Money

Excerpt: “Take some additional classes to keep you one step ahead of your competition”

3) 3 Ways to Cut the Costs of a Job Hunt with a Little Online Ingenuity- Budgets are Sexy

Excerpt: “If you were taking a traditional approach to looking for a new position, a whole stack of expenses would be adding up:”

4) Did Your Raise Suck this Year? Mine Kinda Did. – Darwin’s Finance

Excerpt:  Compensation is all about supply and demand and retaining your top talent.”

5) Are You in a Dead End Job? – Fivecentnickel

Excerpt:  “If you are unhappy, dissatisfied, or restless in your current position, it may be time to re-evaluate…”

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  • Howdy! Thnx for the highlight.  Hope to see you around the Yakezie more often!Best,Sam

  • I appreciate the support! It seems like a lot of PF bloggers were on the same wavelength. 😀

  • Thx for the love, brotha!

  • No problem guys! Appreciate the fine reads.

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