7 Beautiful Vacation Spots for Traveling on a Budget in 2010

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How To Vacation for Less without Compromising Luxury

In the past couple of years, people have been concocting innovative techniques in order to save money while enjoying their vacations. This has led to the rise in popularity of staycations, local trips, and more emphasis on the quality of time spent rather than the city with great things like road trips, family picnics, and nature journeys.

However, there are still great places to vacation at a fraction of the cost. In this article, I will include some national and international vacation spots that will offer you the most luxurious and enjoyable vacation memories without leaving you with a hole in your pocket. To help you further,

1. Atlanta, Georgia

Home of large cultural institutions and affordable hotels, Atlanta was given the highest ranking on the Travel Value Index. It is full of entertainment and discounts and should be considered for any vacation.


  • The World of Coca-Cola Tour (Free to $15)
  • CNN Studio Tour, a tour of the news service ($8 to $12)
  • Centennial Olympic Park, a magnificent park where the 1996 Olympic Games were held (Free)

2. Huntington Beach, CA

Located just minutes from Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, downtown LA, and the Sunset Strip, Huntington Beach is one of the most popular surfer destinations in California and boasts affordable hotel rates.


  • Museums
  • Main Street Shopping
  • Boat and Kayak in Huntington Harbor

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

An outdoor escape, Halifax is an affordable destination because most of the tourist spots are natural outdoor areas. Only a 90 minute plane trip from Eastern United States, Halifax has become one of the popular American destination spots in recent years.


  • Peggy Cove’s Lighthouse (Most photographed in the world)
  • Saturday Brewery Market with arts and crafts.
  • Point Pleasant Park (Free forest adventure)

4. Solomon’s Island, Maryland

Solomons Island is a beautiful Gardens of Eden tucked away next to Maryland. People enjoy the peaceful wilderness in the islands, including lush and dense forests. Tourists enjoy numerous outdoor activities, including kayaking and swimming.


  • Calvert’s Art Museum ($7)
  • St. Mary’s City
  • Calvert Cliffs State Park

5. Riga, Latvia

A historic city in Eastern Europe, this former Soviet Union country has modernized its historic centers but kept its beautiful folk traditions. The country has lowered the value of its currency in hopes of joining the Euro. Rated one of the best values for traveling in Europe.


  • Majori or Dzintari sea side escapes
  • Architecture of Independence
  • Jugenstil

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Considered the most European of the South American travel destinations, Buenos Aires is a crown jewel for tourists. It has beautiful cultural events, with large Italian, German, Jewish and Armenian populations, a flourishing night life, and the exciting outdoor excursions.


  • Tens of inexpensive museums in different parts of town.
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Buenos Aires Fisheries

7. Panama City, Panama

Panama City is a very affordable travel spot that is getting more attention as drug wars in Mexico scare away tourists. With an economy very much used to American dollars and American tourists, more and more people are visiting during their Spring and Summer holidays.  Airfare is under $100 from some cities in the country, which already saves thousands for a small family.


  • Old Town – Mi Puebliti
  • Metropolitan National Park – protected rain forest.
  • Colonial Panama Cultural Sites

There are many other great spots for vacationing. Everyone should take some time and do some research – there will always be a beautiful spot to fit your budget.

2 Comments to “7 Beautiful Vacation Spots for Traveling on a Budget in 2010”

  • FYI all – it’s “Solomons Island, MD”http://www.solomonsmaryland.com/The Solomon Islands are near Papua New Guinea. Great vacation spot, I’m sure, but probably doesn’t fall under the “on a budget” umbrella.

  • Thanks for catching that – its been fixed. Solomons Island does indeed fall under the ‘budget’ umbrella because you don’t have to spend lots of money to enjoy- there are plenty of outdoor activities available at a low cost.

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