7 Great Qualities Shared by the Rich and Successful

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This is a guest post from Galina Vardanyan. Galina has lots of experience investing in stocks and financial blogging and volunteered to write this motivational piece for SmarterSpend readers.


Most Rich People Share a Few Common Traits

There are several qualities that are shared by almost everyone who has “succeeded” in their career or hobby. Most of these skills can be acquired by everyone and must be closely followed. If you have ever wondered about the answer to the following questions, this article is for you:

What makes rich people “rich”?

What separated winners from losers?

1. Passion

You gotta love what you do! If you don’t enjoy and derive passion from what you do, the chances are you are not going to do a good job at it. So when you pick a profession or a job, think of what you love to do and not how much money you’re gonna make by doing it. Think of how fun it is to get paid for something you already love doing.

2. Creativity
Use your passion and think of new and unique ideas.

Before you even start thinking of any ideas, put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. No matter what it is that you are trying to create, always remember to ask yourself the question “What is it that I wish I could buy, read, watch, etc. ?”

3. Follow your instincts
Your instincts almost never lie to you. They are given to people, in order to guide them in decision making. So if your instinct tells you that buying a piece of real estate is a good idea, the chances are that it is. So believe in your basic instincts.

Sometimes, people have great ideas but are scared of the risk. Successful people always take good risks, while others always think about what they could have done. Never put yourself in that situation.

4. Risk Factor
Everyone has a gut feeling or an instinct that tells them what to do, but whether they listen to their instincts and go along with it, is called “risk taking.”

Risk taking is a critical factor in succeeding. There are many people who have great ideas but very few of them act upon those ideas. And almost no one has ever reached the top without taking some sort of a risk. Think of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates. They put their passions above the normal lifestyle, above education, and became the richest in the world.

5. Create your own luck
Some people are just born luckier than others. It is not fair, but that’s the way of life. However, a lot of the unlucky people who were born into poverty and encountered many obstacles, still managed to succeed and make it big in this unfair world. The reason why these people succeeded is because they didn’t let their luck decide their destiny. They worked extra hard and went after their dreams.

6. Persistence
Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your goals. 99.9% of all rich people have failed at one point of their career. You must always remember that failing is part of the learning process. When your fail, use that to your advantage and learn from it, to make sure you never repeat that mistake again.

And Finally….

7) BELIEVE in Yourself

The most important step to success is learning how to love and believe in “you”. If you have ever paid attention during any game, people who let the opponent know about their confidence regarding that game, it always betters their chances of winning. There are many psychological reasons to why this happens, but the fact is that it does happen and it also happens in real life.

So no matter what your goals are, you have to believe that you are going to get on top of your game. You need to get rid of all of your insecurities, you have to stop caring about what other people think and most importantly let people know how much you value yourself.

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