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Do you have a blog about personal finance blog and want to know how your competing?, a very popular personal finance blog, has launched the ultimate tool for ranking your blog and comparing it to others in your particular niche. The top personal finance blogs can be found here. As a blogger, you probably have a ton of ways to notch the competitiveness of your site, so what makes this tool the best?

1) Ranks close to 400 personal finance websites on the ‘net.
Many other rankings and tools rank only the best websites and have no way of tracking your website unless you submit your site to a database. MC includes the well established blogs, rarely updated blogs, and even the newest blogs in the blogosphere. Your site is sure to be there.

2) Ranking by specific niches
Personal finance is a huge field of blogging that can definitely be broken down into further niches. Your blog might be all encompassing or catering to a specific category. A better reason to why the niche ranking is so important is because some niches, naturally, have a smaller audience and it would be inaccurate to compare them to a larger site. For example, less people follow Banking or Frugality than PF. By being able to see specifics, you can see how you perform in comparison to other similar sites.

3) An all inclusive point system that rankings you by score.
The Wisebread rankings are somewhat lacking in that they just list you by certain numbers. For example, you can be ranked by Alexa rankings or Twitter followers. The Moneycrasher’s system is far more accurate in that it takes into account all these systems of ranking, plus Yahoo! inbound links, SEOmoz Rank, and SEM Search Rush Value. By factoring almost 10 rankings, the MC system becomes less prone to error and variability.

4) A nice badge that you can add to your site to let reader’s follow your ranking.
If you take a look on the right side, you can see one of the two badges that are offered by MC. There is a smaller one as well if you don’t have a lot of room in your site.

5) Variation takes your trends into account.
Let’s say you took a week off from blogging and fell in the rankings, but followed up with daily posts that shot your Alexa and Twitter rankings up. Your score will definitely increase from such a change and you will see a +/- trend. You can even rank the sites by the trendiest sites! I did this and was surprised to see a blog I hadn’t heard about making a huge jump (+87, Maybe you can round out the top 10?

6) Daily updates means your site ranking will reflect changes in performance.
By updating daily, you can be sure that the ranking you see will be the rank you really deserve. No more waiting weeks for changes to occur or for trends to be seen. You can see the effects of a popular blog posts the next day.

Although only the blogger can really tell what is going on with their site from comments, stats, and ad click throughs, the MoneyCrasher ranking system is a great tool to help you scout out your performance in the PF blogosphere. It is a new tool and some changes might be made in the future to their point system or new categories might be updated, but I find that this is the ultimate tool for bloggers currently available!

2 Comments to “The Ultimate Personal Finance Blog Rankings from MoneyCrashers!”

  • Thanks for the in depth review of the top blogs tool Kevin!  Glad you like it!

  • This is cool. I just started my own blog, and have been trying to figure out how to ‘gauge’ success.

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