About Me:
My name is Karen (I go by Kevin) Khachatryan, I was born in July 1988 in Yerevan, Armenia right before the fall of the Soviet Union. I am a UCLA Biochemistry (Go Figure) Graduate who lives in Los Angeles, CA.  I am starting my first year of Pharmacy School in Glendale, AZ in June at Midwestern University.

Quick Facts:
Nationality: Armenian (Read about Armenia here)

This is Me..

This is Me..

Religion: Christian
Political Affiliation: Moderate, leaning right fiscally and socially.
Relationship Status: Girlfriend
Favorite Music: Eurodance
Favorite Car: Mine, BMW 328i Fully Loaded

As a full time college student who worked during school, I have learned to deal with the demands of a city where living expenses are double the national average. These unique obstacles have allowed me to learn about the importance of investment, financial planning, and understanding the world economy. I decided to make a blog on smarter spending in 2008, as the US recession deepened.

As the economy began to crumble in 2008 and jobs where lost, I decided to start SmarterSpend.com as means of providing valuable information and resources to my visitors!

Having held jobs in retail, finance, and educated has shaped my perception on the economics and finance and my previous experience with web design, blogging, and social networking for the past 8 years has allowed me to share my findings with you.

Besides my blog, my hobbies include web designing, fantasy football, sports betting, reading, and computers.

Where you can Find me:

Digg:  http://digg.com/users/mrxanadu818/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=724396571&ref=profile
Twitter: http://twitter.com/smarterspend
StumbleUpon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/mrxanadu818/
Contact: [email protected]

I am always open to suggestions, corrections, and requests from my visitors. Remember, we are a team and only through teamwork can we deal with economic troubles!

About the Website:

This information will help you solve wasteful spending problems and put more money back in your pocket! I will also provide you with sound investment ideas and also ideas you should stay away from, always providing facts and figures to support my theories.

I hope my contributions to you will gradually change your lifestyle and make you successful. Imagine saving just 5-10% of your monthly income. At first this might seem like a small figure- think again,  Americans have saved less than 3% of their income compared to the worldwide average of about 8%.  Consider this: If you save 10% for 10 years at an average income of 50,000, you will have a comfortable cushion of $50,000, enough for a (very) nice car or a down payment for a house (except if you live in LA).

With these useful tips, I guarantee that you will have more cash available to do the things you love to do and still have enough money left over to mantain comfortable lifestyle. My ultimate goal is to provide enough articles to cover all aspects of your spending and help give enough insight so that you will have money available in case of future economic turmoil!

Thank You.

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