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Cheapest New Cars in the United States

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Even during a horrible recession and a near 55% drop in American car sales, automobile purchases must continue. The market for car sales is getting very competitive and dealers are lowering prices to encourage people to buy more cars. Nowadays, it is possible to get the keys for a new car at almost unheard of prices. If you have the money and want to go car shopping, remember that the market is in your favor and that dealers will drop their prices or be faced with an aging inventory.

This list highlights some of the most affordable cars in the American market:

Hottest Electronics on Sale Online!

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In the past weeks, our article focus has switched from mainly savings and discount articles to an overall economic and finance related context. This has allowed to grow from a narrow niche to a larger, more encompassing blog that deals with personal finance, investments, advice on top of the originally offered savings, coupons, sales, and discount related articles.

Save Money on Health Insurance

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According to the Foundation of Kaiser Family, only half of Americans have health insurance plans that are offered by their employer. With many people losing jobs and employers cutting back on expenses, Americans are losing their health insurance, leaving many people unable to afford basic coverage.  If you are considering getting your personal health insurance, always remember that your life might decided by the plan you will choose. Getting reliable health insurance from a quality provider sounds like a great idea, but the costs are always a factor in the equation. Follow these steps to save big on your next health insurance plan:

Best Fast Food for a Dollar or Less!

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A lot of you might now know about the large selection of fast food available to you for under a dollar. Most of the larger fast food chains have a dollar menu with food thats cheap. Fast food chains do this to lure you in to purchase other food so that they can make a profit. For example, a buddy of mine, who owns a few McDonald’s franchises told me he loses about a dime on each thing he sells from the dollar menu, but combine that with a drink, and he makes a hefty profit. It’s almost a win-win, you get food for cheap and the restaurants make money. Enough with the introduction, I’m sure all of you are wondering what exactly you can get for under a dollar.

50 Valentine’s Day Product Ideas and Where to Buy on Sale

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with money being a fundamental issue in many people’s lives, lots of people  are wondering what to get for their sweethearts and where to get them for the most affordable price.  This list of 50 hand chosen  gift ideas  should be an awesome starting guide for everyone as it includes the gift ideas and the best price found online. This article is divided into Gift Ideas for Her and Gift Ideas for Him. All gifts are further subdivided into categories and ordered by price, from lowest to highest. Look for the Editor’s Pick item in each category for the best value! Enjoy!

Cut Grocery Spending Costs and Saving Big

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Grocery spending can be one of the biggest financial burder on a family. An average family of four spends approximately $6,280 annually on groceries. This translates to a whopping $121 a week.  Even with the current economic condition, food prices have not budged. Market analysts predict that it takes about 3 quarters (9 months) for food prices to change based on market conditions. That means we can still expect to wait 4 or 5 more months until a substantial price decrease is seen.  By following the steps below, you can expect to reduce your grocery spending costs by about 15%, almost $900 in annual savings in an average household.

Forget Cable: Websites for Free Sports, Movies, and TV Shows

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With some of the average cable networks charging over $50 a month for cable television, I am left to wonder why more people have not embraced the Internet as a replacement for paying almost one thousand dollars a year for access to sporting events, television shows, and movies for free right from the comfort of your computer.  Actually, some of the larger television stations probably have some sort of cooperative agreement with Internet subscribers where payment for Internet allows for online movie and sport access. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people do not know the tens of great websites available that stream media to you at no additional charge. Hence, I have decided to publish a list of the most reliable online sources in their respective categories.  These methods are completely legal as you are not downloading anything.

30+ Fast Food & Restaurant Special Offers

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I have searched the web for currently existing fast food and restaraunt related special offers and promotions that everyone might find useful. Below is a list of some money saving deals that might save you a bunch of money next time you visit.

  1. Baskin Robbins – Sign up and you’ll get your free ice- cream coupon email five days before your birthday. You’ll also receive a discount on a birthday cake.
    Visit Website
  2. Boston Market – Printable monthly coupons and online orders.
    Visit Website
  3. Carl’s Jr. Coupons – Printable monthly coupons.
    Visit Website

15 Secrets For Successful Department Store Spending

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One of my favorite places to shop for clothes, household items, jewelry, and presents is my local JcPenney department store. Having worked in the mall, I know the ups and downs of shopping at larger stores like Macys, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and JcPenney. By following the tips below, you will be saving a lot of money the next time you stop by one of these corporate giants.

1. Keep an Eye for Sales Sections. Usually marked with red, clearance and sale sections sometimes have fantastic clothes or items at a fraction of the cost (I’ve seen Macy’s and JcPenney sometimes do 85% off). You can buy 5 clothing items at this price and still save more than if you bought one regular priced item.

10 Free Fast Food Coupons

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I have compiled a list of 10 free fast food coupons for you. I will be adding more to the list everyday. These coupons require no signups, just go ahead and print! I will upload some more sign-up based coupon URLS soon!

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