Save Money at Home: Part 1 – Save Money on Electronic Bills

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Save Money at Home Series: Introduction

After several investing topics, I have decided to return to writing about saving money with a series about “Saving Money at Home.” As many of you know, I have been writing about saving money for over a year now, and believe this would be a great way to give great tips on building smarter spending habits where the most money is spent- at home.

The series will consist of 4 posts:

Part I- Save Money on Electronic Bills
Part II – Save Money on General Utilities
Part III- Save Money on Groceries
Part IV- Save Money on Clothes

Forget Cable: Websites for Free Sports, Movies, and TV Shows

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With some of the average cable networks charging over $50 a month for cable television, I am left to wonder why more people have not embraced the Internet as a replacement for paying almost one thousand dollars a year for access to sporting events, television shows, and movies for free right from the comfort of your computer.  Actually, some of the larger television stations probably have some sort of cooperative agreement with Internet subscribers where payment for Internet allows for online movie and sport access. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of people do not know the tens of great websites available that stream media to you at no additional charge. Hence, I have decided to publish a list of the most reliable online sources in their respective categories.  These methods are completely legal as you are not downloading anything.

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