Save Money at Home: Part 4 – Save Money on Clothes

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This is the fourth installment in our “Save Money at Home” series. Refer back to the other posts for more ways to save money at home.

This series consists of the 4 posts below:

Part I- Save Money on Electronic Bills
Part II – Save Money on General Utilities
Part III- Save Money on Groceries
Part IV- Save Money on Clothes

Save Money on Clothes

I have made a habit of beginning these articles with the amount the average household spends on the topic being discussed and this article will be no exception. The average family of four spends $187 a month on clothing – a significant investment for items that could last many years.

Save Money and Still Look Beautiful for your Wedding

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Wedding plans – What is the difference between a summer bride a woman who weds in autumn, spring, or winter? Not much, besides the price. When considering a wedding, one must come to agree that the most successful wedding is the one that balances the price and the elegance. If overspend, sure, you will have a great wedding, but won’t have any money left for the future.

If we take into account the financial aspect, then weddings can differ greatly regardless of whether the sun shines. Wedding plans will nearly always consist of traditional items like the wedding gown, wedding cake; wedding flowers, flower girls etc. Wedding necessities as such leave no room for originality because most future brides will have a list like this too.

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