How to Finance Your Graduate School Education without Loans

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Know your options before you take out a loan.

Everyone knows that Bachelor degrees don’t carry the same weight they did 10 years ago and entry level professionals in today’s economy are urged more and more to have some kind of graduate degree to be seen as competitive job applicants.

Smart Investment Choices for Young Professionals

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In order for America to avoid economic downfalls of this magnitude in the near future, the public have to be educated in their investment options. There are a multitude of areas one can invest in at a young age, but making the right choices early in your career can save you tons of trouble in the future and lend hard-learned experience, allowing one to formulate a strategic approach that could potentially secure income from an array of resources.

With that in mind, I have come up with several important tidbits of advice:

Community Colleges- An Affordable Alternative

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Community colleges are reporting spikes in enrollment seen never before as public and private 4 year schools hike up tuition to deal with current economic problems and money shortages. Some cities have seen an increase of almost 10% since last years enrollment, an astounding increase, 5-6 times higher than regular years. Another alternative to the traditional four year programs includes a 3 year program offered at some colleges, enabling students and parents to deal with fiscal problems. A full year of tuition can cost some $40,000 dollars and can make or break a family’s budget.

30 Ways to Save Money in College

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College can be a difficult time financially for many students. Most students have heavy course loads which make it difficult to work and maintain good grades.  Almost every successful college graduate can look back and remember the time when they were “starving students.” If you have looked through all the available loans, grants, and scholarships and are still finding it difficult to save money, this list may be for you.

Money Management Tips:

  1. Get a free checking and savings account. Make sure you shop for a bank that can cater to student and doesn’t have any hidden fees. Also, be sure you can check your account online for additional charge.

Most Affordable Cities for College Graduates

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With the average college graduate leaving school with nearly $19,000 in debt, a city’s economic situation should be the first factor in deciding where to move. Many cities have high rent costs and a smaller starting salary for entry level positions. Others have econonic stagnation and no jobs available. However, on the other end of the financial spectrum, some cities are hiring more than others. As you might have guessed, every city has felt the effects of the serious recession – but cities with higher levels of federal employment have not been affected as much. I base my rankings on job growth, entry level salary, diversification of indusry, and average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment.

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