Ten Money Saving Fast Food Promotions

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The average American spends $7.58 on fast food per day- translating to close to $2500 a year per person. That’s a lot of money (and probably a lot of calories). Assuming we can’t change our eating habits, we can try really hard to change our spending habits.

I have searched the Internet and local magazines for the ten best fast food promotions (and coupons) that will surely save you money.  If you know some more, please let me know and I will incorporate them into a future article.

1) Wienerschnitzel – Special Offer Coupon: Free Medium Drink


Best Fast Food for a Dollar or Less!

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A lot of you might now know about the large selection of fast food available to you for under a dollar. Most of the larger fast food chains have a dollar menu with food thats cheap. Fast food chains do this to lure you in to purchase other food so that they can make a profit. For example, a buddy of mine, who owns a few McDonald’s franchises told me he loses about a dime on each thing he sells from the dollar menu, but combine that with a drink, and he makes a hefty profit. It’s almost a win-win, you get food for cheap and the restaurants make money. Enough with the introduction, I’m sure all of you are wondering what exactly you can get for under a dollar.

30+ Fast Food & Restaurant Special Offers

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I have searched the web for currently existing fast food and restaraunt related special offers and promotions that everyone might find useful. Below is a list of some money saving deals that might save you a bunch of money next time you visit.

  1. Baskin Robbins – Sign up and you’ll get your free ice- cream coupon email five days before your birthday. You’ll also receive a discount on a birthday cake.
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  2. Boston Market – Printable monthly coupons and online orders.
    Visit Website
  3. Carl’s Jr. Coupons – Printable monthly coupons.
    Visit Website

10 Free Fast Food Coupons

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I have compiled a list of 10 free fast food coupons for you. I will be adding more to the list everyday. These coupons require no signups, just go ahead and print! I will upload some more sign-up based coupon URLS soon!

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