10 People that Will Shape Your Financial Future

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It is safe to say, and scary to believe, that the entire world economy depends on the decisions made by a handful of people. Including top government officials and wealthy businessmen, these people wield a disproportionate amount of power on the future of the world. Although some names are easily recognizable and one could easily predict their dominance in the world scene, others are less well known but can easily impact the lives of many.

Seven Most Powerful Corporations of the Future

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The year is 2019, the global recession has ended and the market has witnessed a great shift in consumer spending, buyer habits, and marketing.  Older businesses that did not adapt to this change were swept away in a wave of bankruptcies and buyouts. The larger of the top companies in the world will have revenues somewhere near the trillion dollar mark per year, more than the GDPs for most countries.

Who will lead the business renaissance of the next decade?

The current (2008) annual revenue for the business is shown and businesses are ranked in predicted 2019 revenue. Some of you might be surprised at the shape of the market in just a few years time.

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