Save Money at Home: Part 3 – Save Money on Groceries

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This is the third installment in our “Save Money at Home” series. Refer back to the other posts for more ways to save money at home.

This series consists of the 4 posts below:

Part I- Save Money on Electronic Bills
Part II – Save Money on General Utilities
Part III- Save Money on Groceries
Part IV- Save Money on Clothes

Save Money On Groceries

The average family of four spends $244 a week on groceries. This translates to over $1,000 a month – a large expense for Americans that can become a very heavy burden if the times are tight. However, the good news is that wherever the spending is high, the saving potential is high too.

50 Valentine’s Day Product Ideas and Where to Buy on Sale

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with money being a fundamental issue in many people’s lives, lots of people  are wondering what to get for their sweethearts and where to get them for the most affordable price.  This list of 50 hand chosen  gift ideas  should be an awesome starting guide for everyone as it includes the gift ideas and the best price found online. This article is divided into Gift Ideas for Her and Gift Ideas for Him. All gifts are further subdivided into categories and ordered by price, from lowest to highest. Look for the Editor’s Pick item in each category for the best value! Enjoy!

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