Effects of the British Petroleum Spill and Arizona Immigration Law on the Economy

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Will the events of last week send shocks into the barely recovering economy?

Last week, two highly publicized events occurred in the United States that could shake the foundations of the limping economy. The first one, the passage of the Arizona immigration bill, has already led to boycotts and broken agreements. The second, an oil spill of epic proportions in the Gulf of Mexico by the huge British Petroleum oil corporation, is becoming one of the worst man made environmental disasters of all time.

We will skip all the political and environmental ramifications and concentrate on the effects on the economy.

7 Best Countries to Invest In

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The dawn of a new decade brings about new and exciting economic adventures. The globalization of the world economy and the development of previously underdeveloped countries allows for hungry investors to exploit new markets. However, some of these countries have ongoing civil and economic problems that make them a hazardous investment.

SmarterSpend has compiled a list of top ten ‘traditionally less known’ countries where investments can prove highly beneficial- whether it is a business or a real estate purchase. These countries are in no particular order.

Scroll through and let us know what you think.

Who Will Be the Next Economic Superpower?

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“The sun never sets on the British Empire” was a popular phrase heard during the Victorian era in Britain. For many years leading up to World War I, the phrase held true, the British navy controlling the sea, using imperialistic tactics in dominating global commerce, and allowing British at home to enjoy the merits of a powerful state.

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