Money and the Olympics: The Adjusted Medal Count per GDP

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The Winter Olympics is another event where athletes around the world can showcase their abilities and nations can flaunt their strong programs in every field. The Canadian team spent $100 million on a federal program to train athletes for the Winter Olympics they were hosting, hoping to win their first gold medal in a Winter Olympics on home soil.

In the Summer Olympics, the United States Olympics Committee committee spend half a billion. Similar heavy spending has allowed the US to rank number one in the overall medal count in the last 4 Olympics.

Federal Spending Worldwide and Budget Implications

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It is no secret that certain countries overspend in certain areas of their budget- whether on defense expenditures, education, health, infrastructure, or social services. Of course, placing an emphasis on one section of the budget leads to positive and negative ramifications for the guilty country. Many of us have heard stories: The Chinese taking over the world with their advanced military, the free health care in certain European countries, money for going to school in Denmark, and other interesting (and sometimes wrong) points that have crept into our minds thanks to the Media.

Who Will Be the Next Economic Superpower?

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“The sun never sets on the British Empire” was a popular phrase heard during the Victorian era in Britain. For many years leading up to World War I, the phrase held true, the British navy controlling the sea, using imperialistic tactics in dominating global commerce, and allowing British at home to enjoy the merits of a powerful state.

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